Nov 23, 2021
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Alexander Malinin publicly congratulated his 21-year-old twins on their birthday


Singer Alexander Malinin turned to his “beloved children” on their 21st birthday, and his wife told how wonderful Frol and Ustinya had grown up.

For many years Alexander Malinin has been happily married to an obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences and businesswoman Emma Malinina. The couple raised twins Frol and Ustinya, who celebrate their birthday today, November 23. The famous father has already congratulated the children on their 21st birthday in his personal Instagram account, noting that in many countries of the world they have become adults.

Frol and Ustinya have long been independent. They even celebrate a common birthday separately. Ustinya is now in Paris, and Frol is in Munich. The son of Alexander Malinin studies and lives in Germany. And Ustinya recently flew to Paris. And she still spends most of her time in the UK. Ustinya is a student at the Royal College of Music, London.

Frol and Ustinya Malinin
Frol and Ustinya Malinin

My dear beloved children Ustinya and Frol !!! Today is your 21st birthday and you are an adult. You are already independently going through life, each in its own way. By nature, you have a great talent in you, which I am sure you will be able to realize in the future. Go boldly through life towards the goal that you have defined for yourself and know that I will always support you. I am very proud of you and love you !!! Happy Birthday!!!“- Alexander Malinin congratulated his children.

And Emma Malinina also spoke about her birthday people. So Frol, even in early childhood, already felt like a man in the house, especially when his star dad went on tour – Frol remained in charge. Now Malinin Jr. is learning to drive trucks and buses, because he wanted to go around Europe in a trailer.

Frol and Ustinya Malinin
Frol and Ustinya Malinin

It’s incredibly interesting to talk to you, you understand culture and history, you are aware of the latest world news, trends in fashion, art, cinema. Even where to invest, you already know better than us🤭“, – shared Emma Malinina.

Frol is a second-year student at one of the best European universities, is engaged in what he loves – cinema, draws, photographs, you live a bright, eventful life. Ustinya Malinina, according to her mother, is an excellent student at the top university in the world, she chose the profession she wanted. She is absolutely independent, and dad and mom visit her only according to her schedule.

You are a unique person, around whom bright people always gather – such a planet of warmth and kindness🪐💛 Despite the fact that you are in London only for the second year, there are already so many wonderful friends and girlfriends next to you“, – said Emma Malinina.

Happy birthday! Good luck in life to your glorious, talented children! 🎂🍰 “,” Happy birthday, peers of this century !!! Happiness, love and warmth !! Only the brightest and kindest in life !!! ❤️❤️❤️ “,” Children are lovely. Congratulations!!! Health and happiness! Love and good luck! ❤️ “,” My congratulations to the birthday! 👏👏👏“- the fans responded in the comments.

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