Sep 28, 2021
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Alexander Lukashenko on the “new front” with Ukraine

“Special attention is paid to the Ukrainian section of the border”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko On September 27, he received a report from the security forces on the situation on the state border of the state. This is reported by the official portal of the head of the Belarusian state. Lukashenko called the situation in the neighboring countries “unfavorable” for Belarus, whose leaders are heading for a “confrontation” with the Republic. Separately, he singled out Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the power bloc on the situation on the state border of Belarus

Meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the power bloc on the situation on the state border of Belarus

“Yes, in Poland, wherever they are deployed, it is clear that these troops are not deploying against Germany. Moreover, foreign states, primarily the United States. We see how Lithuania crawls food into every crack to show its loyalty to NATO and the United States. But the saddest thing is Ukraine. We are opening a new, in the old way, front. We see what they are doing. Not only did our runaways run there, but more and more training camps are being created there, where they purposefully train (and not only runaways) work in Belarus, as the special services say, ”

– Lukashenka said.

The head of Belarus touched upon the topic of caches with weapons on the border territory of Ukraine, noting that this “Signs of indecent actions towards Belarus”. “If these caches are for events on the territory of Ukraine, then they do not need to be dragged to our border. They would have hidden somewhere else. “, – said Alexander Lukashenko.

“Special attention to the Ukrainian section – what are we going to do there. You see, they are dragging NATO troops there, to Ukraine. Under the guise of training centers, they actually create bases. The United States is establishing bases in Ukraine. It is clear that we need to react to this ”,

– he stressed.

Lukashenka also said about consultations with Russia regarding alarming signals from Ukraine. According to him, the presidents agreed on joint actions. “Otherwise, tomorrow we will have a situation unacceptable for us right on the border of Belarus and Russia. Up to the placement of missiles of the appropriate range. We did not subscribe to this and cannot allow this. Unfortunately, the leadership of Ukraine – they do not give a damn about their own people and they do not hear that we are expressing these concerns “, – stated the head of Belarus.

He also set tasks for the power block related to the demarcation of the border with Ukraine and instructed to find out whether the Ukrainian side is carrying out this work and whether it is equipping the border from its side.

In Ukraine, Alexander Lukashenko’s statements were answered as always: with direct and indirect insults, denial of the obvious, stupid teachings, accusations and self-assurances of commitment to European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Note that Lukashenka did not appear in the press – all his statements were made at an internal meeting with the Belarusian security officials. Speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko thought of stating that “It is from Russia and Belarus that the main threat to Ukraine, Belarus and the Belarusian people, friendly to us, is coming”… It doesn’t matter that the Belarusian people, with the exception of the opposition, scattered around the world, including to Ukraine, do not share the opinion of the neighboring Ministry of Internal Affairs, the main thing is to blurt out utter nonsense in order to please their nationalists and masters. The Foreign Ministry speaker called the American bases in Ukraine and the “camps of militants” “ghostly”, although not only Alexander Lukashenko knows about them, but everyone in Ukraine – from schoolchildren to pensioners. The United States is indeed creating military facilities in Ukraine and supplying it with weapons, military personnel and equipment from the United States and other NATO countries are indeed permanently in Ukraine – just open the calendar of military exercises to make sure of this. NATO instructors conduct ongoing trainings in Ukraine, including near the Belarusian border. Belarus has every reason to worry about protecting the state, being in the neighborhood with Ukraine, which has been turned by the United States and NATO into a military training ground. It is pointless to deny this. But the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is trying.

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