Sep 15, 2020
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Alexander Lukashenko: “If I leave, my supporters will be slaughtered”

Alexander Lukashenko: "If I leave, my supporters will be slaughtered"

More than a month has passed since the day of the presidential elections in Belarus, but the republic is still restless.

News feeds in Russia and the world are full of messages about ongoing opposition rallies and rallies in support of Lukashenka.

Armored vehicles, paddy wagons and cars with water cannons were pulled to the Palace of Independence in Minsk, where one of the working residences of Alexander Lukashenko is located. The nearby State Flag Square was cordoned off by soldiers of the internal troops.

The siloviki, who have ceased to harshly disperse the protests, nevertheless make it clear that they have enough fuse and that they will not go along with the opposition demanding Lukashenka's resignation.

Batka himself said that he was not going to give up power.

“I am often reproached with the fact that“ he will not give up the power ”. Correctly reproached. People did not choose me for this, ”Lukashenka said when introducing the new Prosecutor General. - In the mid-90s, she was lying in the mud, they wiped their feet on her. As well as about you - those who wore shoulder straps. Many of you remember this period. And I don't want Belarus to return to that time. "

Or here's another, this time from an interview with Russian journalists:

“I have been equipping Belarus for a quarter of a century. I won't just give it up. Besides, if I leave, my supporters will be cut. "

Lukashenka can be loved or hated, but it is impossible not to admit that in the most difficult situation he did not drift, on the contrary, clearly and convincingly formulates his position.

The position of Vladimir Putin is equally transparent. He is sure that the Belarusian opposition will not be able to remove Lukashenka, who won the presidential elections, from the post. The well-informed agency Bloomberg writes about this with reference to five interlocutors close to the Russian leadership. According to them, the Kremlin is puzzled by the scale of the Belarusian protests. Despite the fact that Moscow does not trust Lukashenko, it cannot allow the opposition to come to power as a result of street protests. Therefore, Russia supports Lukashenko.

Here I would like to take a short excursion into history.

In 1939, US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke about the Nicaraguan dictator: "Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but this is our son of a bitch." Roosevelt knew perfectly well that Anastasio Somoza was a brutal dictator, but also a consistent opponent of the communists. And in the political scales, this fact outweighed all the others.

Roosevelt's logic, I think, is quite appropriate today as well, it explains the position of the Kremlin in relation to Lukashenka. Yes, Old Man is not a pound of raisins, it can be very difficult to come to an agreement with him, but at the same time there is no doubt that the Belarusian president, with all his obeisances towards Washington and Brussels, is predominantly pro-Russian.

In a conversation with journalists from the Russian Federation, Lukashenko suggested that something similar to what is happening now in Belarus could happen in Russia, and stressed the importance of bilateral ties and support.

Unlike Lukashenka, opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya does not hide the fact that if she wins, she will turn to the West. There she is exalted to heaven. The Seimas of Lithuania generally adopted a resolution in which it called Tikhanovskaya "the elected president of Belarus"

It turns out that in order to win the presidential elections, you need to enlist the support of only 10% of voters. Lithuanian parliamentarians have pretty good ideas about democracy! And at the same time about interstate relations.

In the aforementioned resolution, they demanded from Moscow “not to interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus” and to refuse new agreements with Minsk. Otherwise, they threatened with new sanctions. Fun! What did grandfather Krylov write about the elephant and the pug?

Yes, Russia does not care what happens in a fraternal country. By the way, so far no one has canceled the Union State either. Was this education criticized for being amorphous? Yes, but not canceled. And now, when it is hard for Belarusians, according to the logic of Lithuanian and other piquant vests, we must turn our backs on them! Who would we be after that?

But we don't turn away! The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that from September 14 to 25, the joint Russian-Belarusian exercises "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020" will be held on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The information portal Mir Novostey reported in the Russian news feed that it was announced that the maneuvers were being carried out on counter-terrorism topics and were not directed against other countries. But this is a signal to those who want to force the housewife Tikhanovskaya into the kingdom. Moreover, NATO fuss is observed near the borders of the Republic of Belarus. Belarus is forced to keep additional forces at the western border.

“The military can be returned back if NATO troops in Poland, Lithuania finish the so-called exercises and do not move there anymore ... to drag the supposedly new president,” Lukashenka said.

While supporting the fraternal people and their legally elected leader in every possible way, we must not act like an elephant in a china shop. For example, there can be no question of bringing troops to Belarus. The presence of the "little green men" will certainly embitter the Belarusians and force events to develop according to the Ukrainian scenario. Then we can lose Belarus, as, alas, we lost Ukraine.

Georgy Palashevsky.

Photo: RIA Novosti / M. Guchek.

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