Oct 14, 2021
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Alexander Emelianenko harshly criticized the form of Dzhigan


Alexander Emelianenko will have a fight with rapper Dzhigan.

The 40-year-old fighter said that before the fight with the rapper he observes the regime – every evening he goes to bed at eleven o’clock. The younger brother of the fighter Fedor Emelianenko stressed that he and 36-year-old Dzhigan are in the same weight category.

The hosts of the show “What happened next” told Alexander that Dzhigan was promised to pay 50 million rubles for the fight. The athlete was asked what fee he would receive.

Emelianenko assured that he would not enter the ring for the sake of money. “Yes, nonsense, I’m fighting for the idea“, – said the fighter, which made the showmen laugh. “And what is the idea – to beat Dzhigan?“- asked him. “Well, why not beat him?“- the athlete answered the question with a question.

Alexander believes that the performer of the hit “We must pump up” will not be able to hold out even until the second round. The fighter noted that Djigan had severely launched his physical form.

Alexander Emelianenko with Dzhigan
Alexander Emelianenko with Dzhigan

I met him the other day … He’s like a loaf of butter. Thick, fat and, moreover, without hesitation, drinks beer in buckets. He became square, barely walks. It’s hard for him to move, he goes from shop to shop“, – said Emelianenko.

During the show, the comedian Nurlan Saburov called Dzhigan. The comedian told the rapper that Emelianenko was threatening to deal with him harshly in the ring. “No, he can’t talk like that“, – answered the husband of model Oksana Samoilova.

Then comedians began to laugh at the musician’s overweight. Djigan, in response, called the comedians cockerels. After that, Saburov transferred the camera to Emelianenko. “Sanya … Hello, hello“, – the rapper began. “Is he also a cockerel?“- the humorist laughed. “No“, – said Dzhigan.

The musician has grown very fat after last year’s alcohol and drug breakdowns. Even Oksana Samoilova made fun of his weight.

However, Dzhigan himself does not bother the gained kilograms. The artist even allowed himself to criticize the plump comedian Garik Kharlamov, after which the musician was ridiculed by the fans of the Comedy Club resident.

Emelianenko and Dzhigan are to meet as part of the “King of the Ring” program, where professional fighters face media figures. The father of four joked that he agreed to fight to support his family.

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