Nov 3, 2021
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Alexander Domogarov leaves “Mossovet”


Actor Alexander Domogarov decided to leave the theatrical stage.

The artist wrote a letter of resignation from the Theater. Mossovet. Until he will be in a cultural institution for at least six months, but, most likely, he will completely leave the theater.

According to sources, Alexander Domogarov did not work with the new artistic director Yevgeny Marcelli. In addition, he disagrees with the policies that the new leadership is imposing on the actors.

Alexander Domogarov
Alexander Domogarov

In the theater, they quarreled and divided the troupe. The old people are gone, and we have no choice but to save ourselves“, Said Alexander Domogarov.

Recall that earlier from the Theater. Another legendary actor Viktor Sukhorukov left the Moscow City Council. He said that he did not like the last steps in his post of the new leadership, according to “StarHit”.

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