Jan 11, 2022
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Alexander Buinov was injured at the end of the New Year holidays


71-year-old singer Alexander Buinov said that the day before he had to go to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Alexander Buinov recorded a video message. “Here, I broke my arm. Let’s go to the hospital, – said the singer cheerfully enough for the current situation. – A homemade tire was installed. Left hand … Slipped out of the blue – on the stairs, followed the dog. That’s the whole funny reportage.“.

As soon as the injury occurred, the musician’s relatives acted promptly and provided him with first aid. Alena’s wife even tied a cute bow on her injured limb. At the end of the video, the artist sadly recalled his deceased comrade – Alexander Gradsky: β€œToday is 40 days. Such is the fate“.

Alexander Buinov with his son and granddaughters
Alexander Buinov with his son and granddaughters

Today is the fortieth day of Gradsky … I broke my arm, my left … something like thatπŸ™ˆβœŒοΈ“Buinov said on Instagram.

The musician’s fans, having learned about his unfortunate fall, supported their favorite with comments wishing him health and a speedy recovery: β€œGet well soon! ”,β€œ Take care of yourself and get well soon ”,β€œ Alexander, I really understand you! She herself wrung her hands. Get well“.

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