Oct 11, 2021
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Alexander Buinov told how he felt when COVID 19 fell ill


Singer Alexander Buinov still recalls the disease with horror.

Artist on the air of the program “You Won’t Believe!” on the NTV channel, he remembered how he fought the coronavirus. The singer did not have time to get vaccinated and fell ill.

Alexander Buinov
Alexander Buinov

Terribly disgusting thing. I would compare it to putting a bag on you, filling you with dust and starting to beat you with shovels.“, Said Alexander Buinov.

On the air of the program, it was noted that the actor Valery Garkalin is now struggling with the coronavirus. He is in serious condition at the hospital. His daughter Nika said that everything is fine with the actor. “He is talking. Everything is fine. In consciousness, all is well“- she said. However, after a few days, the actor’s condition deteriorated sharply.

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