Nov 8, 2022
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Alexander Buinov showed his 17-year-old grandson-birthday boy


72-year-old singer Alexander Buinov boasted of his handsome grandson, who recently celebrated his birthday.

Alexander Buinov has three grandchildren born to his daughter Yulia. Despite the fact that the singer divorced the mother of the heiress back in 1985 and has been happy in his third marriage with Alena Gutman for many years, he has maintained a good relationship with Yulia and is very close to her family.

Buinov’s daughter even persuaded her husband to take her last name, and named her firstborn in honor of her father. The other day, the singer’s grandson turned 17 years old, and the artist did not fail to boast on the social network of pictures of the heir, who grew up to be a stately handsome man and became a whole head taller than his grandfather.

Alexander Buinov with his namesake grandson
Alexander Buinov with his namesake grandson

Currently, Alexander Buinov Jr. is studying at the Moscow Presidential Cadet School, which is a matter of special pride for all his relatives.

Alexander Buinov Jr.
Alexander Buinov Jr.

The boy turned 17 today! Sasha, be healthy, dear, be happy, defender of the Motherland!”- the singer signed the photo of the birthday boy in uniform.

Buinov also has two granddaughters – twins Daria and Sofya, who were born in 2009. The artist tries to visit the girls as often as possible, whom he affectionately calls “bruins”.

Recall that the pop star also has an illegitimate son, Alexei, whose existence the singer found out in 2000. It turned out that the boy was born after the artist’s holiday romance at the festival in Sochi with a native of Hungary. The girl gave birth to an offspring secretly from Buinov, and another man raised Alexei, who gave him a patronymic and surname. The singer saw the heir when he was already 13 years old.

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