Apr 29, 2021
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Alexa showing her figure a week after giving birth

A member of the “Star Factory” Alex boasted a fine figure a week after giving birth.

Alexa showing her figure a week after giving birth

On April 16, singer Alexandra Chvikova, more famous as if Alex, became a mother for the first time. She made it easy for her lover Vyacheslav Daichev’s daughter.

A week after giving birth, the artist showed a slender figure. She posted a proper snapshot on her individual Instagram account. In the photo, a young mother is posing in a white-boiled mini-dress.

“I look at myself in the mirror and thank you for playing sports before pregnancy. Blamelessly, I didn’t even think that after eight days from the date of birth, the body could look so good-looking, ”writes Aleksa.

Also in the publication, she urged subscribers to take note of this advice. However, in the comments, many wrote that in the near future, the singer will certainly gain her excess pounds.

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