Sep 11, 2021
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Alert because of Afghanistan: Shoigu’s department informed about assistance to Dushanbe

The Russian Defense Ministry announced assistance to Dushanbe amid the alarming situation in Afghanistan. Tajikistan received 12 reconnaissance vehicles, small arms from Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it had transferred 12 reconnaissance vehicles and small arms to Tajikistan against the backdrop of the situation in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the department of Sergei Shoigu announced the beginning of the training of machine gunners at a domestic base in Tajikistan. A batch of 12.7 mm NSV Utyos heavy machine guns was delivered to the base.

The Ministry of Defense clarified that the machine gunners will work out the standards for making calculations for the battle and are practicing in shooting at air and ground targets.

The training camp will end on September 17 with the performance of target shooting.

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