Oct 24, 2021
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Alena Vodonaeva spoke about the scandal between Boni and Borodina


Presenter Alena Vodonaeva believes that you need to be able to keep your face.

Ksenia Borodina and Victoria Bonya took part in the People of the Year award and got into the spotlight. The audience decided that Borodin was unhappy with Vika’s presence and openly expressed dislike for her.

Bonya noticed the negative from Xenia and laughed at it. “When people spread their foul language in my direction … I don’t respect such people“- this is how 41-year-old Victoria commented to the author of the YouTube channel” Unpleasant Pilyagin “on the current relationship with the host of” DOMA-2 “.

Another reality star Alena Vodonaeva spoke about the scandal. In the past, she was friends with Victoria and Xenia, but over time they all became distant from each other.

Victoria Bonya
Victoria Bonya

When you are many years old, and we are not 20, you have to be able to keep your face!“- said Alena to Borodina.

Recall that Vodonaeva and Borodina have not communicated for many years. Rumor has it that Ksenia was offended by her friend for allegedly giving out information about her second pregnancy and flirting with the then husband of the TV presenter, businessman Kurban Omarov.

Alena denied such accusations against her, but the friendship could not be returned. Aiza even publicly stood up for Ksyusha.

I would like to wish Alena Vodonaeva mental health, real unthinkable happiness, brains, talent and wisdom! All that you never had! Expensive! Your tongue is your enemy! Your envy is your sin! Solve the problem with your head! I promised your family not to touch you! But after your lies I just shake! You betrayed Ksenia, you betrayed me! You betray everyone you are friends with! You are a deceitful, preoccupied whore, turned on illusions! Sit further in your kitchen, pick your nose and come up with messages for your ex!She complained.

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