Jan 4, 2022
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Alena Vodonaeva said that she does not need a man without money


39-year-old presenter Alena Vodonaeva admitted that she has friends from the porn industry.

Ex-host of the show “Good night, guys!” is in free status. She tries not to advertise her personal life after two divorces. The star of the reality show “Dom-2” does not miss the opportunity to share advice with fans when asked for help.

Today the girl asked Alena if she could build a relationship with a man who has not achieved anything in life and cannot boast of material wealth. The TV personality decided to answer briefly, but succinctly. “What is love without money? I’m a grown girl“, – assured Vodonaeva.

She also named the gifts she most often receives from men. Many representatives of the opposite sex do not differ in special imagination, but Alena is completely satisfied with this. “Jewelry and jewelry are always a win-win option. What I want as a gift, I can buy myself. Nothing fancy: jewelry, bags, gadgets. I want a car“, – explained the instadiva.

Alena Vodnaeva
Alena Vodnaeva

Vodonaeva spoke critically about female appearance. Alena does not believe that short haircuts can add age to women. “Let’s have no offense. Overweight and skin condition of the face age from lifestyle. Do you drink, do you smoke? You look the part. What a haircut if you look like a chewed shoe and a curbstone with legs. Hairstyles save no one“, – sharply noted the author of the book” Naked “.

Alena also told how she treats pornstars: she does not see anything reprehensible in this kind of occupation. “The same people as everyone else. I do not divide people by profession, nationality, orientation and religion. But on stupid and not stupid – yes. Are porn actors breaking the law with their profession? No. Do I have friends in this profession? Yes“, – assured the TV star.

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