Sep 4, 2022
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Alena Sviridova, covered in wrinkles, appeared in front of the fans


Singer Alena Sviridova decided to show herself without embellishment.

The actress is no longer the spectacular blonde that fans remember her for a long time. Now the Pink Flamingo hit singer rarely takes the stage and lives the quiet life of a 60-year-old woman. The artist looks very good for her age – she keeps her figure, dresses fashionably, but does not try to look younger due to plastic surgery or an abundance of makeup. Does not use the star of the 90s and photoshop.

So in a fresh picture from the Crimea, Sviridova appeared without any retouching, in her natural form. Moreover, the singer dared to pose in front of the camera at close range and did not even cover her eyes with dark glasses, as some of her older colleagues do, who want to mask wrinkles.

I’m holding summer by the tail”, the artist signed the picture, in which she smiles sweetly, lying in a hammock in a bathing suit.

Alena Sviridova
Alena Sviridova

The followers praised the performer for her natural look, but could not help but note how much she had aged.

I didn’t recognize it right away”, “So natural, without any filters and photoshop”, “Oh, what a grandmother, I thought, this is Sviridova”, “God! What a sweet old lady!”, — wrote users in the comments.

However, it cannot be denied that the figure of the artist is excellent, because she does a lot for this. The singer talked about her diets more than once, and also boasted that she had completely stopped using the elevator, wanting to always be in shape. Sviridova can still afford to wear mini-dresses and tight-fitting outfits, which delights fans.

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