Sep 16, 2022
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Alena Shishkova was shocked by the view after giving birth


Model Alena Shishkova showed what she looked like after giving birth.

The former chosen one of rapper Timati, model Alena Shishkova, who gave birth to his only daughter Alice, has always been considered the standard of beauty.

Blond, slender, with delicate features, a neat nose and large eyes. But as it turned out, Alena Shishkova was not always like this.

The beautiful model decided to share with fans a picture that looks, to put it mildly, strange. It is difficult to recognize the current Alena Shishkova in a lady with a swollen face, small eyes and a huge nose.

It turns out that this is how the model looked several years ago, immediately after the birth of Alice’s daughter.

Alena Shishkova after childbirth
Alena Shishkova after childbirth

I don’t remember if I had postpartum depression, but there were definitely tears and swelling”, — wrote 29-year-old Alena Shishkova under the photo.

Recall that the romance of Alena Shishkova and rapper Timati happened in 2012. As a result, the couple’s daughter Alice was born. The girl was not even a year old when her parents broke up. Meanwhile, Alena Shishkova and Timati managed to maintain good relations for the sake of their daughter.

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