Sep 11, 2020
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Alena Shishkova sarcastically over the separation of Timati and Reshetova

Alena Shishkova sarcastically over the parting of Timati and Shishkova

Model Alena Shishkova was suspected of gloating.

It seems that most of all, having learned about Timati's breakup with Anastasia Reshetova, the fans were waiting for Alena Shishkova's reaction to this news. The model, of course, could not stay away from such an event.

The rapper's ex-lover did not make any loud statements, but she subtly mocked the situation.
Shishkova recorded a video of walking around Moscow in a new coat with a triumphant air. She also earned on this publication: she received money for advertising outerwear. In the video, by the way, the Marshmello & Halsey song "Be Kind" is played. The lyrics of the song hints that Alena is ready to forgive the rapper and renew the relationship with him. Whether Timati himself wants this, time will tell.

Alena Shishkova
Alena Shishkova

"Your gait when I found out that Timati is getting divorced again "," An indicator that the boomerang effect still exists "," What a pleasure, I guess I opened the champagne", - comment on the Web video Shishkova.

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