Mar 30, 2021
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Alena Shishkova provoked rumors about a new relationship

Former lover Timati, model Alena Shishkova fueled rumors about the newly-made novel.

Alena Shishkova provoked rumors about a new relationship

About six years ago, rap artist Timati said goodbye to model Alena Shishkova. Ex-lovers together are raising their daughter Alice, who recently turned seven years old.

After breaking up with Timati, the model is sometimes credited with novels. She herself is also not averse to stirring up rumors about a new relationship.

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The other day Alena Shishkova published a photo with a huge bouquet of roses in her individual Instagram account.

“I walk the other day with a grin. Flowers were presented, ”the celebrity waved the picture.

In the comments, subscribers vied with each other to make assumptions about who gave her the bouquet. However, Alena Shishkova did not admit to whom she received the flowers from.

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