Sep 1, 2021
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Alena Rapunzel’s son was hospitalized with a concussion

The star of the Dom-2 project, Alena Rapunzel, did not appear in social networks for several days. First, she herself went to the hospital with the threat of a miscarriage, then her little son ended up there. The girl herself told the subscribers what happened: “The diagnosis is a concussion. Played in the children’s room and fell. The height seems to be small, but my head is spinning. At first I ran home at the speed of light, all in tears. Then an ambulance arrived and was taken to the city surgical hospital. For two days we went through examinations, now everything seems to be fine. ”

Alena Rapunzel's son was hospitalized with a concussion

Alena admits that she was very worried and understood even more how important it is to value loved ones: “Very soon I will become a wife and twice a mother. Maybe we will have another son, or maybe a daughter. I experienced a full range of emotions. Thank God that there was a loved one nearby, who panicked, but calmed me down. I am glad that I have a lot of patience so as not to get lost. “

Recall that despite such words about loved ones, Rapunzel does not communicate with her sister Olga, who does not even want to know her and considers her a traitor.

Alena Rapunzel's son was hospitalized with a concussion

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