Apr 20, 2021
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Alena Rapunzel shared her impressions of filming the restart of “House-2”

07:40, 20.04.2021

The 24-year-old reality TV star complained that it was difficult for her to join the new team.

Last Monday, the updated “Dom-2” was launched on the U TV channel, which was named “House 2. New love”… Outwardly, the project has hardly changed, its filming takes place in the same Polyana, where the familiar version of reality was filmed. The heroes of the show, along with the new participants, were the “oldies”, including Nadezhda Ermakova, Gleb Zhemchugov and Alena Rapunzel.

In the evening, after the release of the first episode of the show, 24-year-old Rapunzel has already shared her impressions of filming a television project, saying that it is difficult for her to join the new team. “It’s hard for me because I feel like an“ old maid ”, I have my own concepts, and there are young people on the project, but they are very cool and positive, I missed that,” the participant admitted in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram. After a week of work, Alena even needed to take a short break. The star took the day off to see her son from Ilya Yabbarov and mother Tatiana Vladimirovna… According to the participant, the two-year-old Bohdan until he is filming in “House-2” because of the risk of catching a cold, so he is with his grandmother.

Alena Rapunzel told how the first week of filming for the restart of “House-2”

It is worth noting that Alena Rapunzel’s mother, in a conversation with her daughter, expressed a desire to return to Polyana in order, according to her, to give advice to young people on how to build love. Note also that Alena’s beloved Ilya Semin does not feel discomfort on the set of the project. He immediately established himself as a macho, and, not hesitating to cameras, invited Rapunzel to have sex. “Come on, are you a fool? It is not necessary for the whole country to see how you touch me ”, – commented on the act of the ex-stripper of his passion.

Alena Rapunzel with her new lover Ilya Semin

We add that Alena and Ilya want to have a wedding at Dom-2. Rapunzel told about this in the first issue, which was shown on April 19 on “Yu”. The star and her lover have been dating for eight months, but their relationship can hardly be called cloudless. Rapunzel and Semin often quarrel, but, as the participant assures, she hopes that the show will help her strengthen the relationship. “I dream of getting married on a project. Here I gave birth to a child, so Dom-2 will always be something special for me. I hope that next time I will go outside the perimeter already in the status of a married girl, ”Alena shared on the frontal place.

Ilya Yabbarov and Alena Rapunzel

Recall that in the previous “House-2” Rapunzel tried to build love with several lovers, among whom were Roman Makeeva, Maxim Kolesnikov and Ilya Yabbarov. The relationship with the chansonnier became the most memorable. The couple, who could not be united by a common child, who was born in February 2019, constantly sorted out the relationship. In the fall of 2020, when Alena left the Perimeter, the air was still shaken by her conflicts with her former chosen one. However, then she began to meet with Ilya Semin, whom she met in a strip club. In the winter of 2021, the dancer moved to his beloved. He gave up striptease and promised Alena to find a new job.

By the way, one of the new participants in the restart of “House-2” is also a stripper. Alexander Sorokin from Kiev, during his acquaintance with colleagues in reality, he admitted that his mother brought him into the profession. Alexander admitted that he wants to find a girl who would also like his mother.

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