Jan 23, 2021
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Alena Kravets said that Boris Grachevsky may have illegitimate children

10:42, 01/23/2021

The director was officially married three times.

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Boris Grachevsky, the creator and artistic director of Yeralash, died in a Moscow hospital on January 14 this year. The director was 71 years old. He is survived by four children. All of them will be able to claim the inheritance in six months. Alena Kravets said: in addition to the official children born of the director’s three wives, he may also have illegitimate ones.

Alena said that Boris Grachevsky, in a personal conversation, hinted at such a possibility. “I spoke with Boris Grachevsky several times, and he either jokingly or seriously told me that several times he could have received the Order of Parental Glory, which is given for the birth of a fourth child,” Kravets said. Alena noted that, of course, the late director did not advertise his unofficial life. “He hid illegitimate children. But I think that now they are becoming more active and will fight for the inheritance, ”suggested Kravets.

Boris Grachevsky with his son Philip

Recall that Boris Grachevsky was married three times. With the first wife Galina the director lived together for almost 35 years. During this time they had a son Maxim and daughter Ksenia… Second marriage with Anna the head of Yeralash concluded in 2010, and already in 2014 they announced a divorce. In 2012 they had a daughter Vasilisa… Anna said that after the death of her father, the girl started having problems at school. Classmates were interested in the life of her family. In this regard, the ex-wife decided to leave Moscow with Vasilisa for a while.

Boris Grachevsky with his daughter Vasilisa

Grachevsky married for the third time in 2016. In his last interview, the director spoke warmly about Yekaterina Belotserkovskaya and wilted that with her he “opened the door to heaven and closed it from the other side.” In the spring of 2020, they had a son Philip… The widow of Boris Grachevsky is very upset by his departure. At the funeral, she could not hold back her tears. According to friends, Catherine stopped communicating with them.

Note that after the death of the director, he had a house on Novorizhskoe highway, 50 kilometers from Moscow. The mansion is located on 17 acres of land, and its area is 300 square meters. The approximate cost of ownership is 50 million rubles. In addition, Grachevsky still has a three-room apartment in the Meshchansky district of the capital. The living space is in a typical panel house, but it has received a good design renovation. At one time, the director took up redevelopment, combining the kitchen and living room. Now the cost of such an apartment is 17 million rubles. However, Alena Kravets assures: the director was not as rich as it seems. “He invested all the free money in his main brainchild, Yeralash. As for the property, shortly before his death, as I heard, Grachevsky mortgaged his house to help his eldest son with debts, “she said in a conversation with

Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya

The legendary “Yeralash” was invented and created in 1974. The idea to create a collection of humorous short films came to Boris Grachevsky and playwright Alexander Khmelik at the suggestion of Alla Surikova, who suggested creating an analogue to the adult magazine “Fitil”. Boris Yuryevich always called “Yeralash” his favorite child, but in one of his last interviews he admitted that it is getting harder and harder for him to do his job. It was connected with material costs, and with the fact that not everyone would succeed in finding a script, choosing young actors and filming as needed.

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