Oct 16, 2020
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Alena Khmelnitskaya honored the memory of Dmitry Maryanov by publishing shots from the film “Mirage”

20:16, 15.10.2020

The actress thanked Inga Ilm for the book about the artist's life.

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Dmitry Maryanov passed away October 15, 2017. The actor died in a rehabilitation center, where he was treated for alcoholism. The official cause of death is called a detached blood clot, but the artist's friends suggest that he was killed. FriendDmitry Maryanov Albert Moginov stated that there is a "criminal trace" in the actor's case and accused his wife Ksenia Bik of the actor's death, which sent him to this center for treatment. There, the artist was injected with unknown drugs, without specifying the individual reaction of the patient's body. During such a procedure, Dmitry became ill and could not be saved.

One of the first to commemorate the artist on the anniversary of his death Elena Ksenofontova. The actress remembered how she played together with Dmitry in the series “Cannon". Elena noted that she remembered Maryanov as a cool, sought-after actor, knocking him off his feet with his unbridled sexuality. On this day, Alena Khmelnitskaya also remembered the actor. The actress published on her microblog in Instagram stills from the film "Mirage", In which she and Maryanov played the main roles. Alena also thanked her friend Ingu Ilm for the fact that she published a book about the life of Maryanov. “3 years ... Dimka ... Your bright memory! Remember! It’s so good that the book “The book in memory of Dmitry Maryanov, thank you very much. On October 15, three years ago, Dima Maryanov passed away. for this day we have prepared a book of memoirs about him. thanks to Daniil Maryanov and Olga Anosova. to his close friends Rodion Beletsky Mikhail Shevchuk Natalya Shchukina and everyone who found time in their cruel schedule to talk about him. tell about the profession, remember your youth and helped with photographs. this book will be free online. because Dimka deserves blessed memory! " - wrote Khmelnitskaya (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Note... ed.).

Alena Khmelnitskaya honored the memory of Dmitry Maryanov by publishing shots from the film "Mirage"

Inga Ilm announced the release of an e-book dedicated to the life of the actor, on the eve of the three-year anniversary of his death. The actress spoke with close people of Maryanov and collected interesting stories about him. According to Ilm, her main goal was to dispel rumors that defame the image of Dmitry, and to show him as a bright and talented person. She also noted that the "Book of Memory of Dmitry Maryanov" will be freely available on the Web so that every fan of the actor's work can read it.

Note that after the death of Dmitry Maryanov, a struggle for his inheritance began between himwife Ksenia Bik, 81-year-old father of the artist Yuri Georgievich and a son from his first marriage Daniel... The actor's relatives cannot share two apartments, two motorcycles and money from Dmitry's bank accounts. Ksenia claims that she wants to keep only a three-room apartment for herself and does not claim anything else. But, according to the lawyer of the actor's father, Bik wants not only the apartment in which he now lives, but also 2/3 of the house, as well as all movable property. According to the lawyer, Ksenia constantly changes lawyers on purpose in order to drag out the case as long as possible.

Dmitry Maryanov and Ksenia Bik

Also in court continues process over Oksana Bogdanova - Director of the Phoenix medical center, where Maryanov died. Bogdanova found herself in the dock for "providing services that did not meet safety requirements, which inadvertently resulted in the death of a person" and "leaving in danger." In May, information about another criminal case appeared. Bogdanova's organization is accused of illegal medical activities.

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