Jan 7, 2021
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Alena Ashmarina, who became a mother for the fourth time, was discharged from the hospital

16:46, 07.01.2021

On January 2, the businesswoman gave birth to twins.

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Five days ago, the star of “House-2” Alena Ashmarina again became a mother. Twins were born in one of the maternity hospitals in Moscow Aurora and Ariana… According to the telestroke participant, the daughters were born naturally and even without anesthesia. In one of her publications, the businesswoman noted that the success of childbirth directly depended on the professionalism of the medical staff, to whom she is very grateful. Today my mother was discharged from the hospital four times.

Alena Ashmarina announced the long-awaited event in her microblog on Instagram. Friends and relatives met her from the hospital (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.): “I want to inform you. Such news, today we are going home. I was given all the certificates and everything I needed. I’m so happy”. Ashmarina also wished everyone a Merry Christmas. When she recorded the video message, she was moved and literally did not hold back her emotions: “I want to wish you Merry Christmas, this wonderful holiday. I just have tears today. I wish you all happiness with all my heart. “

Alena Ashmarina, who became a mother for the fourth time, was discharged from the hospital

Earlier, Alena published a touching video from the hospital, which captured a mother with many children with newborn twins. “If I didn’t give birth so quickly, perhaps it would have been removed. For memory. I don’t know what could be more touching for mothers … how the appearance of their little ones … So helpless, small, fragile … I am so grateful to God for my children !!! This is my happiness, this is my pride, this is my meaning !!! I’m so happy!!! I cannot convey all the emotions, but this video conveys a lot !!! Girls, being a mother is happiness! Being a mom of 4p is happiness multiplied by 4p. I kiss them all the time, smell them … iron them … little beads have added to our family !!! Hurray! ”, – Ashmarin signed the video clip.

Alena Ashmarina showed a video from the hospital

It is worth noting that Alena’s eldest daughter Patricia, who eight years ago was born in a marriage with German Ashmarin, looking forward to my mother’s return home. Biennial Alice, whose dad was Ilya Grigorenko, who left the reality show, still does not quite understand the significance of the event. It is also known that the girl is spending the holidays with her father. Her mother admitted that she was glad of this circumstance, but would like Ilya’s visits to be planned, and not spontaneous. Alena worries about little Alice’s regime, as she believes that for children to eat and sleep for an hour is very important from a medical and pedagogical point of view.

By the way, who is the father of Alena Ashmarina’s two newborn daughters is unknown. The name of her ex-lover, who left the TV show participant when she was still pregnant, she did not name. The businesswoman openly calls herself a single mother, assuring that children give her strength and energy, although at the beginning of a new pregnancy she admitted that a wave of despair rolls over her, since the father of Aurora and Ariana was ready to take responsibility for the children, and after the publication the test results refused to recognize himself as a dad. The audience of Alena’s microblog believes that the second parent of the twins is Grigorenko, with whom the businesswoman broke up a year ago.

Alena Ashmarina and Ilya Grigorenko

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