Jan 14, 2022
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Alena Apina was hospitalized on the eve of the old New Year


Singer Alena Apina was hospitalized.

The artist will celebrate the Old New Year in the hospital walls. According to Apina, her long-standing illness worsened. Star subscribers suggest that she needed surgery.

Today, the artist recorded a video message from the clinic. In the frame it is clearly seen that it is very difficult for her to talk. Despite everything, Apina hopes for a speedy recovery.

“TOhow bad it is to get sick! It’s not covid. These are old untreated sores. I hope that everything will be alright”, — shared 57-year-old Alena Evgenievna on her personal blog.

Alena Apina
Alena Apina

Now netizens support the performer with might and main and wish her an easy recovery. “Alyona! Don’t sag! Everything will be fine, I believe. Health once and for all!”; “Get well, Alena. We are waiting for you healthy and with new songs”; “Alenochka, get well soon! We are waiting for you. Don’t think bad!” subscribers noted.

By the way, quite recently, Alena Apina enjoyed life with might and main and worked actively. Also, the artist took part in the show on NTV “Superstar! Return”. True, the singer was somewhat dissatisfied with the way she looked on the screen. She addressed her claims to the employees of the musical project.

I agree with a very large number of people who did not like the broadcast. When you go on stage with a song, the camera should be pointed at you. And here, for two and a half minutes, the beautiful naked asses of gymnasts flash by – girls on poles. And only twice flashed your shoulder and face. I don’t know how it was supposed to be filmed”, she complained in an interview with Interlocutor.

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