Nov 17, 2021
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Alena Apina is shocked by how she was put on the Superstar!


57-year-old singer Alena Apina got angry at the musical project because she was exposed in an unsightly way.

The performer of the hit “Accountant” takes part in the show “Superstar! Return”. In the second edition of the project, Alena performed the song “Girl, Dance” by the duet Artik & Asti.

Jury member Masha Rasputina noted that the song is very suitable for Alena and seems to have been taken from her repertoire. “Well done, I really liked everything. And the girls are upstairs“, – said the performer of the hit” Play, Musician “.

Stas Piekha noted that the number turned out to be not youthful, but he praised the artist for her courage and charisma. Sergei Sosedov was more strict. “Everything is performed quite smoothly, but the old-school manner of performance does not fully fit the modern melody. You need to adapt to new rhythms, and not just bend your own. Otherwise, a fashionable thing can be made an ordinary pop hit. What happened“, – said the music critic.

Apina tried to defend her position, reminding Sergei that this is not a one-to-one program. Lera Kudryavtseva was the last to speak. The TV presenter said that she liked the number, but did not like Alena’s reaction to criticism. The singer began to argue, but Lera asked her to adequately respond to the words of the jury.

Alena Apina
Alena Apina

As a result, not Apina left the project, but Natalia Vlasova. However, after the show aired, Alena became even more angry. The star did not like the way the cameramen filmed her. “When you go on stage with a song, the camera should be pointed at you. And here, for two and a half minutes, the beautiful naked asses of gymnasts – girls on poles – flash. And only twice flashed your shoulder and face. I don’t know how it was supposed to be filmed“, – ex-soloist of the group” Combination “was outraged.

The day before the performance, the artist visited a beautician, and there were traces of mesotherapy on her face. The singer was angry that the cameramen filmed her at a disadvantageous angle. “I have the face of a simple Russian woman, but here … Then the photographs were sent … I looked: in front of me was a fat woman with such a face! This is some kind of nightmare! ” – the participant of the show was upset.

Apina also did not like the way her profile was removed. During the interview, the artist was casually asked about her ex-husband Alexander Iratov. The star answered shortly. However, in the end, the video did not turn out as she expected.

I turn on the reportage, and there everything is about my husband. Guys, I have not been married for 5-6 years. I already forgot what he looks like. And already the second program is about what an unfortunate woman I am. In the profile they said that Alexander let me through the meat grinder. Yes, I passed him through a meat grinder! Every day they propose to marry me“, – Alena assured in an interview with” Interlocutor “.

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