Feb 19, 2021
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Aleksandra Bortich drove her participation in the protests

The star of the series “Policeman from Rublyovka” Alexandra Bortich spoke with Yuri Dud about politics and protests.

Aleksandra Bortich drove her participation in the protests

Alexandra Bortich became a guest of the YouTube show “vDud” and commented on rumors that after participating in protests became persona non grata in show business. The actress testified that scripts and advertising contracts are still sent to her.

Also Bortich hammered in why she wrote down the slogan to take to the streets.

“With my heightened sense of justice, it is very difficult for me to experience the power that is happening. To look at such open lawlessness and keep silent, I probably won’t be able to, ”said Alexandra.

The movie star added that she went to a rally in support of Alexei Navalny. She would have reacted just as neatly to the arbitrariness of the conditional “Vasya Ivanov”.

Yuri Dud noticed that earlier Bortich distanced herself from politics. The actress explained that she was young and did not understand what was happening around.

“However, I’m not just an actress, I also live here. What, now it is impossible for me to express my position? ”Alexandra asked.

She also complained that she did not feel safe. The actress suggested that at the present time all those who live in large rich houses on Rublevka do not tremble, those “who are accelerated to this all.”

According to Bortich, her faithful, millionaire businessman Yevgeny Savelyev, who rattled off in the presidential administration for several years, supports her protest activities.

Previously director Nikita Mikhalkov saidthat Aleksandra Bortich earns 200 thousand rubles a day and she didn’t stick to calling young people to the barricades. In an interview with Dudyu, the actress did not specify the amount of her earnings, but admitted that she received less than 300 thousand rubles.

“I am a little tired of hearing that I am very expensive, very busy. No! Send me [сценарии]”, – said Bortich.

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