Jul 8, 2020
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Albeit old, but spectacular: the simplest card trick

Today we will reveal the secret of an old card trick. Expose him to the nines! Although you probably already know him without us for a long time. And yet the trick is excellent, easy to show, interesting to watch.

For focus, you need a regular deck of cards. We invariably use the Bicycle Standard, which is what we advise you.

Focus Beat

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We take the deck, shuffle it in different ways, remove 9 cards and lay them on the table with the shirt up. We ask the viewer to choose one card and remember it.

We divide the remaining deck in half, put off one half. On top of the second we collect 9 cards from the table. You need to put the cards so that they lie at different levels. That is, one card is higher, the other is at the deck level, then again higher, and again to the deck. The viewer’s card should be the 5th in a row. Wherever she is, we put her 5th.

When all 9 cards are collected, put the pending half of the deck on top. It turns out a deck in which part of the cards in the middle stands.

With one hand we hold our construction, and with the other (preferably with our fingers) we gently tap on the end of the protruding cards, as if “driving” them into the deck. Thus, the cards come out from the bottom of the deck. We also tap on them. The cards will be either from above or below issued from the deck until one is left – this will be the viewer’s card.

That’s the whole trick. No sleight of hand, no mat. analysis, no secret devices are required here. We almost do not strain, the focus performs itself.

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