May 4, 2021
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Alana Mamaeva alphabet to recover after surgery

The ex-wife of Russian footballer Pavel Mamaev Alana turned to a plastic surgeon. She decided to undergo liposuction and now wears a special bandage for the speedy recovery of the body.

Alana Mamaeva ABC to recover after surgery

It is noted that after this procedure, the young lady must wear a similar corset for some time. In her Instagram account, she showed the followers a photo in which she showed how she looks after a complex operation. In the picture, she poses in a cute headband with pink ears and looks good-looking.

The 33-year-old model told fans that liposuction does not represent a way to lose weight, but only corrects the silhouette of the figure. She turned to a surgeon for help to bring her appearance to perfection and to avoid obesity. Alana got rid of fat traps in the waist area.

After the divorce, Mamaeva decided to take care of herself and noted that she was ready to build a new relationship with another uncle.

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