Apr 23, 2022
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Alain Delon said goodbye to fans

Alain Delon said goodbye to fans

The son of the French movie star Alain Delon Anthony revealed the secret of his father: the famous actor asked to take all the necessary steps to carry out euthanasia for him.

Delon now lives in Switzerland, where voluntary death is legalized. The Spanish newspaper Marca published Delon’s farewell to his fans. It says: “I want to thank everyone who accompanied me and supported me all these years. I hope that I will become an example for future actors, not only in work, but also in everyday life between victories and defeats. Thank you. Your Alain Delon.

The shocked fans of the actor could not believe this news. For them, Delon always appeared as a fearless hero who fought to the end. Last year, the actor already talked about euthanasia and called it the most logical and natural act, when people, having reached a certain age, at some point decide to peacefully die without hospitals and injections.

In 2019, Delon’s health deteriorated sharply, he experienced two strokes and a small brain hemorrhage. The actor could hardly move and was in an extremely depressed mood, suffering that he could not live normally. However, the doctors assured that his life was out of danger and he was gradually recovering.

In 2021, his wife Natalie died of cancer, unable to resort to euthanasia, as it is prohibited in France. Delon, who saw her torment, could no longer get rid of obsessive thoughts about this procedure, fearing another stroke and new suffering. He asked that during the euthanasia, Anushka, his devoted daughter, be with him, she is the closest to him.

Delon felt uncomfortable in the new French society. On any issue, he always openly expressed his point of view. Recently, Alain stirred up passions among the liberal public by declaring that gays are committing a crime against human nature. Therefore, many representatives of the artistic community demanded not to present him with the honorary Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The organizers of the film festival had to explain that he received this award for his contribution to cinema, and not for political views.

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