Oct 27, 2021
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Aksenov: the decision to transfer the “Scythian gold” to Ukraine is a raider seizure

The decision of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to transfer the “Scythian gold” to Ukraine is a “raider seizure”. This statement was made by the head of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sergey Aksenov on his page in the social network “VKontakte”.

“An outrageous, unfair and illegal decision, albeit expected, given the bias of European courts and their hostile attitude towards Russia and Crimea. In fact, it is a fig leaf covering an insolent raider takeover, ”he stressed.

Aksenov recalled that “Scythian gold” was found in the Crimean land. It lay there for many hundreds of years, therefore it has become an integral part of the historical and cultural heritage of Crimea, the property of all Crimeans.

“They should be returned to the funds of the Crimean museums. This is demanded by both law and justice, ”Aksyonov believes.

The head of the RK also expressed confidence that the struggle for the return of the “Scythian gold” should be continued.

We remind that earlier on Tuesday the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled to transfer the “Scythian gold” in favor of Ukraine. After the announcement of the decision, the judge said that it could be appealed to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

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