Sep 12, 2020
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Aiza Anokhina started taking antidepressants again due to more frequent panic attacks

12:57, 09/11/2020

The 35-year-old blogger and rap singer admitted that she hadn't taken pills at one time, but the stress returned.

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Aizu Anokhin has been suffering from panic attacks for several years. At the moment of stress, her blood pressure rises and her pulse quickens. The 35-year-old host of the Super Isa show admitted that she had to take antidepressants because of this. She tried to avoid addiction and chose "light" drugs, and then completely refused to take them. But at the end of August, the rap artist's health worsened again, so she returned to treatment, as reported in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram.

“Yes, I have been drinking for many years. Very light and small dosage. But then I recently decided to leave them. And so the attacks returned again. Therefore, I started drinking again, "- Isa answered the question of one of the users (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are hereinafter given without changes. - Note... ed.).

Isa said that she again takes antidepressants

We add that against the background of frequent panic attacks, Aiza even had thoughts of leaving her 29-year-old lover Oleg Miami. She wrote that she feels like a wreck and that she needs to constantly leave for warm regions, since Moscow is a city of panic attacks. It is interesting that it was the quarrel with the young performer at the end of the summer that provoked Aiza's new attack. Then she opened up to the public and admitted that she had “had a quarrel with Olezha”. In addition, recently the blogger is worried about his youngest son Elvis, whose father threatens her to take him away.

Recall that the breakup with businessman Dmitry Anokhin became known at the beginning of this year. The father of Aiza's youngest son also demands money from her, which was brought by their joint business - a beauty salon. At the same time, Aiza has already returned part of the money, which is 12 million. “I will not say what he calls me. But like: "You have to give me so much more money, I will pay out of those that you owe me." Okay (further obscene. - Ed. Approx.), I'm even ready to pay him money (further obscene. - Ed. Approx.) So that he just left me behind. Another situation. I tell him now: “Okay, good. Let's go to court. " He says to me: “No, we will not go to court until you give me money. And if you do this, then you will not see the child at all, ”the former Anokhina complained.

Dmitry Anokhin with his son Elvis

Yesterday Isa said that Dmitry again came to his son. Elvis's father wanted to take him for a walk, despite the fact that the boy was not well. The meeting of the former spouses ended with screams and mutual reproaches. In addition, Aiza's ex-husband said that he wants to take his son to Bali. The presenter is sure that Anokhin does everything to her evil, but she herself does not hold a grudge against him, because she believes that he is angry because he is alone. While his ex-woman is happy in a relationship with a young man.

By the way, the relationship between Aiza and Oleg is considered part of a PR strategy. Recall that the romance of the stars became known in June. But over this summer, the artists have already managed to part and get back together. At the end of August, the TV presenter showed a ring on her hand, which many took for an engagement ring, but then said that she had bought it herself. A week after such a provocation, Miami wrote that he would like to marry Isa, but will not do it. Why, the musician did not elaborate.

Oleg Miami and Isa

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