Sep 22, 2020
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Aiza Anokhina spent 1.5 million rubles on vacation with her family in the Maldives

10:51, 09/22/2020

The TV star flew on vacation for a week.

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Now Aiza Anokhina, together with her parents and sons, is resting in the Maldives. Even though the TV star is on vacation, she doesn't forget about fans and answers questions that interest her Instagram followers. So, for example, one of Aiza's fans asked her how much she paid for a vacation in the Maldives. It turned out that more than a million rubles per week.

“This question is the most popular in my survey! I do not like to show off and so on. And naming the amount, it looks like I'm doing this. There are 5 of us, about 1.5 million rubles came out for 7 days along with tickets. The hotel is 5 stars, breakfast / lunch / dinner is already included in the diet, I paid for this service in Moscow. It is very expensive to fly on this small plane between the islands. $ 500 per person. It makes no difference a child or an adult. The price is the same ”, - Aiza shared in Stories (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. - Prim. line.).

Aiza Anokhina spent 1.5 million rubles on vacation with her family in the Maldives

It should be noted that Aiza Anokhina has been going through a difficult period last year. In September alone, she had two scandals at once. First, she accidentally published her intimate photo in Stories, which was intended for Oleg Miami. Later, Aizu was suspected of using illegal drugs, since at the concert of Klava Koki they filmed a video in which the blogger suspiciously holds his nose, and her speech seems slurred.

Anokhina admitted that after all this she stopped communicating with many people and became the object of ridicule on the Web. In addition, this year Aiza broke up with her second husband, Dmitry Anokhin. The divorce was accompanied by a scandal. First, Dmitry demanded to return him 12 million rubles, which he gave to his wife for the development of their common business. After that, he did threaten to take his son Elvis from Aiza and take him to Bali.

Against the background of these events, Anokhina began to suffer from panic attacks and again began to take antidepressants. Now Isa decided to spend time with her family and relax after the stress she had endured. The star admitted that she had long dreamed of a family trip and wanted to devote all her time to her sons. According to Isa, because of her work, she pays little attention to children, but she would like more.

Aiza is resting in the Maldives with her sons and parents

Earlier, Isa explained why she did not rest this summer at Russian resorts. The TV star stressed that she has nothing against Crimea and Krasnodar Territory. At the same time, she wants to spend her vacation near the ocean, as she loves to swim. Anokhina clarified that it is better to spend more money on quality rest. By the way, after the family vacation, Anokhina is going to fly away to rest with her beloved Oleg Miami.

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