Sep 14, 2020
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Aiza Anokhina justified herself after being accused of using prohibited substances

15:10, 09/14/2020

The TV presenter found herself at the center of a scandal after a video in which she appeared in an inadequate state.

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This weekend, 35-year-old Aiza Anokhina was again in the spotlight. The reason for this was the video recording from the concert of the singer Klava Koki. Anokhina rested in a box with her friends, and the blogger Lyubov Sidorkina decided to shoot a video in Stories of her microblog on Instagram. Isa also got into the frame, and the fans noted that the TV star was behaving extremely strangely: Anokhina was rubbing her nose, her gaze was defocused, and her speech was confused. Many decided that the TV presenter was under the influence of prohibited substances.

Today Isa Anokhina hastened to justify herself for the compromising video. In her microblog on Instagram, she explained that she was acting strange because she was not feeling well. The TV presenter said that she was suffering from sinusitis, which is why she rubbed her nose. Isa explained the strange look with a bright flash directed directly into her eyes. Anokhina added that she is going to sue all media outlets that, according to her, published libel in the materials. The TV star is ready to undergo a medical examination and prove that there are no prohibited substances in her blood.

Isa said that she does not use prohibited substances

“I am terribly offended because it’s not true. I was not stoned, drunk or smoky. In the pitch darkness, a bright flash was directed at me and Dasha, and our eyes lit up from (further obscene. - Prim. line.). and I scratch my nose in sweat, and sniff and blow my nose. Because it is constantly flowing (and the drops are fucking dry (if you love and respect me at least a little, you will stop spreading this false information. This is a slanderous news lead. I think this time to file a libel suit by providing proof of your sobriety or to score again ... "- said Isa in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes hereinafter - Prim. line.).

By the way, many fans associate the strange behavior of Aiza Anokhina with taking antidepressants. The TV presenter admitted that she started taking medications again in August, as her symptoms of panic attacks worsened. Isa said that she had been taking pills for many years, but she decided to quit medicine. But at the end of August, the rap artist's health worsened again, so she returned to treatment, as reported in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram. “Yes, I have been drinking for many years. Very light and small dosage. But then I recently decided to leave them. And so the attacks returned again. That is why I started drinking again, ”Aiza answered a question from one of the Internet users.

Aiza Anokhina and Oleg Miami

Let us remind you that now Aiza Anokhina is not going through the best stage of her life. She is experiencing difficulties in communicating with her boyfriend, 29-year-old singer Oleg Miami. Due to panic attacks, the TV presenter even thought to part with her lover. Aiza's ex-husband Dmitry Anokhin also brings a lot of experiences. He blackmails the TV presenter, threatening to take away their common child, three-year-old Elvis, from the ex-wife. For the right to live with the baby, Dmitry demands from Aiza a large amount of money from their common business.

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