Oct 19, 2021
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Airport employees broke the rule for the sake of a polite girl

polite girl at the airportThe video, filmed at Hamad International Airport (Qatar), could not help touching the hearts of the audience, the main character of the frames was too sweet.

polite girl at the airport

The little girl wanted to say goodbye to her departing aunt and once again hug her relative goodbye, but the trouble is that the woman has already managed to get into the area where access is denied to people who are not passengers. The young niece approached the airport staff and politely asked to let her into the restricted area. Such a touching act did not leave the men indifferent, so they went for a slight violation of the rule.

polite girl at the airport

Discussing the video, viewers not only praise the men for their indifference, but also note the surprisingly touching behavior of the baby. It’s nice to admire children who, interacting with others, show excellent upbringing.

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