Sep 12, 2021
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Airplanes from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan – a reason for Americans to gain a foothold in Central Asia

Wall Street Magazine reported that the United States has reached an agreement with Uzbekistan, under which a group of Afghan Air Force pilots arriving in this country, along with their families, will one of these days be transferred to an American military base.

We are talking about the pilots of the Afghan Air Force, who, after the Taliban came to power, fled with their relatives to Uzbekistan on American-made Afghan Air Force planes and helicopters.

On August 15, three Embraer 314 military aircraft of the Afghan Air Force requested permission to land at the Khanabad airport in Karshi in the Kashkadarya region in southern Uzbekistan. They were redirected to Termez airport (the administrative center in the Surkhandarya region) accompanied by two MiG-29 military aircraft of the Uzbekistan Air Force. On August 16, another 22 military aircraft and 24 helicopters of the Afghan National Air Corps flew to Uzbekistan.

A total of 585 people fled to Uzbekistan, including the crew members and their loved ones. They took with them 46 air vehicles, including American helicopters. MD-530F Cayuse Warrior and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, PC-12 surveillance aircraft, modified Cessna, and Russian Mi-17 helicopters.

Taliban spokesman Suheil Shahin declared the need to return the fleeing Afghan pilots to the republic. “These pilots must return to their country, the country needs them”, – Sahin said, His words are quoted Wall Street Magazine… However, the pilots, despite the Taliban’s promised amnesty to all officials and the military, fear for their safety and the safety of their families.

Now Americans are promising that pilots and their families “Will fly to the US military base in Doha”… What will happen to the Afghans after arriving in Qatar is unknown.

The fate of the planes and helicopters in the Uzbek Termez is also unknown. The cars are American, but the United States is silent. For America, which left thousands of weapons and equipment in Afghanistan, 46 vehicles in Termez is a small loss. However, these planes and helicopters are a reason to maintain the American presence in Uzbekistan: only the United States can supply components, spare parts, and ammunition for aviation. Again, Washington will certainly offer Tashkent a system of training Uzbek pilots in American cars.

Meanwhile, Tashkent is interested in normalizing relations with the Taliban government, an official representative of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry announced on September 8. “The presence of pilots, crews and their families in Uzbekistan – about 585 people in total – has become a problem for the government of Uzbekistan since their arrival.”, – writes and Wall Street Magazine

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