Apr 20, 2021
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Air Force raid in Syria: 200 terrorists in one strike

Russian military aircraft attacked a terrorist base in Syria northeast of Palmyra, killing about 200 militants, said Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in the SAR.

“After confirming the data on the location of terrorist objects through several channels, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched air strikes, which destroyed two shelters, up to 200 militants, 24 pickups with heavy machine guns, as well as about 500 kg of ammunition and components for creating improvised explosive devices.” – he said at a briefing.

Karpov noted that the Russian military received information that the militants had created a camouflaged base northeast of Palmyra. According to him, there was the formation of combat groups to send and conduct terrorist attacks in various regions of Syria, as well as the manufacture of improvised explosive devices.

Karpov said that the Russian military has information about the preparation of terrorist attacks by militants in Syria to destabilize the situation before the presidential elections.

“Illegal armed groups have planned terrorist attacks and attacks on government agencies in major cities in order to destabilize the situation in the country ahead of the presidential elections in Syria,” he said.

“The training of terrorists is being conducted in militant training camps in areas not controlled by the Syrian authorities, including in the Al-Tanf zone, which is controlled by the US military,” Karpov said.

The presidential elections in Syria are scheduled for May 26.

Russia has been conducting a military operation in Syria since September 30, 2015. The Russian Federation has an airbase in Syria at the Khmeimim airfield and a naval base in the port of Tartus. Aerospace Forces aviation supports the ground operations of the Syrian army. It was officially reported that special operations forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, units of the center for reconciliation of warring parties, military police and marines are operating in Syria.

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