Jun 20, 2022
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Aidar commanders* raised their hands up

In the photo: soldiers of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion in armored personnel carriers

In the photo: soldiers of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion in armored personnel carriers (Photo: Sergii Kharchenko/ Look Press)

On the evening of June 18, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov reported in his tg-channel that the Akhmat special forces units, together with the second corps of the people’s militia of the LPR, liberated the settlement of Metelkino, adjacent to the city of Severodonetsk, from Ukrainian armed formations. “It should be noted that in the battles for this settlement over the past week, the Ukrainian side lost from 600 to 700 of its fighters killed and wounded. At the moment, the settlement is being cleared of mines and stretch marks, ”he said.

A few hours later, all news agencies reported that in the course of this purge, militants of the nationalist battalion “Aidar” * (banned in the Russian Federation) surrendered, and they did it voluntarily.

As clarified by sources in the power structures of Donbass, there were a lot of Aidar prisoners, and among them not only ordinary militants, but also the leadership of the punitive national battalion.

“Most recently, ‘invincible Nazis’ testify about their exploits and draw on maps the location of their ‘brothers’ in Lisichansk and its suburbs,” the LPR ambassador to the Russian Federation later confirmed this information. Rodion Miroshnik.

How will this event affect the further course of our entire special operation in Ukraine, given that it was not just anyone who voluntarily surrendered, but the command of the National Battalion, which was the “backbone” of the current Ukrainian radical nationalism?

Maybe this information will finally undermine the “combat spirit” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which advisers to the Ukrainian president in his office love to talk about so much?

– For us, this is, without a doubt, very positive news, which certainly contributes to increasing the nation’s confidence in our government and our armed forces, as well as its rallying around the national leader, – shared his opinion with “SP” Oleg Ivanov, head of the Center for the Settlement of Social Conflicts, expert of the PRISP Center. – But, on the other hand, let’s not forget that the recent surrender of more than two thousand Azov fighters ** in Mariupol, frankly, did not really affect the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In terms of the negative impact on supporters of the Kyiv regime, primarily within Ukraine itself, we are clearly losing to professional PR and media managers Zelensky. They got the hang of such fakes about Russia to produce that we can’t keep up with them yet. Here, extremely contradictory statements by the Ukrainian leaders themselves are playing into our hands, which they are making because of the growing split within the Ukrainian ruling elites, who feel more and more acutely that, figuratively speaking, things smell more and more like kerosene.

“SP”: – Nationalists, it turns out, so much “brainwashed”?

– Alas, yes. In this sense, they are able to present even a pessimistic situation for themselves. This is still a question, albeit not far away, but of the future – when will we recapture the Donbass, when will mass and widespread surrender begin. That’s when the Ukrainian society will move into a different socio-psychological state.

“SP”: – Is this event strategically able to influence the course of the special operation?

– Morally, this will not “unsettle” the Ukrainian warriors too much, but from a military point of view, this event is definitely not ordinary, – summed up independent military expert Igor Nikolaychuk. – Maybe it will not greatly affect the current operational situation in this area, but the information about the surrender of the command of the Aidar battalion is quite correctly presented by our news agencies as another victory for Russian weapons during our special operation against Ukrainian radical nationalists.

And this fact will be most effectively used, among other things, to work with Russia’s allies, not only at the state level, but also to awaken the “sleeping” or “squeezing their mouths” Western minority, and the majority that actually sympathizes with Russia and is tired of the order. from Ukraine.

In addition, there is another important aspect in this event. There is a lot of evidence that the current Kyiv nationalist regime relies solely on such illegal armed formations, which Zelensky, who was actually appointed by the West to disarm them, instead gave the appearance of legitimate ones, transforming them into some kind of incomprehensible “National Guard”. Well, what to do, he didn’t succeed, but if he had disarmed, we would not have seen all the current horrors in the Donbass.

So, the “national battalion” is extremely dissatisfied with the West. Which Ukraine suited as a pro-Western, albeit thoroughly corrupt, state under the protectorate of the United States or, at worst, Germany, but did not suit at all as an ultra-radical nationalist state.

“SP”: – And what follows from this?

– Firstly, the fact that without reliance on radical nationalists, the guys on Bankovaya will not last long in the current regime. The regular forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not help them to hold on, the regular officers all graduated from Russian military schools, they speak Russian, and in general they are essentially Russian. And radical fanatics hate everyone, from Jews to oligarchs, do not share any democratic values, but love only “nenko-Ukraine”, which they were not allowed to create Vladimir Lenin in the distant 20s of the last century.

All these “Aidar-Azov babes” with all of paganism and the cult of Nazism dreamed of building a “square” according to the precepts Petliura I Banderawhich terrified even the West that raised them. Which mouth Macron dear, Scholz and others like them began to sing into Zelensky’s ears “we will help you as best we can, we will try to make sure that no one is hanged publicly in the squares of Mariupol, just remove these idiots for the sake of all that is holy from the political field, we do not need a radical nationalist Ukraine, promoting world terror, but only pro-Western oriented as a supplier of cheap labor.” And something tells me that the current surrender of Aidar was not spontaneous, but deliberately sanctioned by Kyiv with far-reaching goals.

SP: What kind? After all, you said earlier that the current Kyiv regime will not last long without relying on radical militants.

– I think this is a signal to the West that Kyiv has heard the message of European leaders. In the controlled press, Kyiv will unfold the rhetoric already familiar from Mariupol – they say that the commander-in-chief protects the lives of Ukrainians, “Aidar” came out with unfurled banners, and so on.

But in fact, the President of Ukraine by this gives not only the West, but even Russia to understand that he understood everything and made conclusions, by surrendering Aidar, as if confirming that the era of “national battalions in power” in Ukraine has ended, that the tail – Aidar – no longer wags the dog – the official Kyiv. And that the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will now, quite likely, finally turn their bayonets against the national battalions. Because no one – neither the West, nor even more so Russia and the Ukrainian people themselves, absolutely need Petliura-Bandera-Aidar fanatics. So now an operational-tactical, and then a strategic solution to the Ukrainian crisis for the benefit of Russia is just around the corner.

* Banned in the Russian Federation

** Decision of the Frunze Court of Vladimir from 30.11.2015 images of the chevrons of the Azov Battalion were recognized as extremist and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

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