Sep 14, 2020
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Ai-92 gasoline has risen in price again in Russia

Average retail prices for AI-92 gasoline in the Russian Federation from September 7 to 11 rose to 43.53 rubles per liter, which is a kopeck more than in the previous week. The cost of AI-95 gasoline and diesel fuel did not change (47.06 rubles and 48.18 rubles per liter, respectively).

During the reporting period, AI-92 gasoline rose most of all in the Siberian Federal District - by two kopecks, to 42.93 rubles per liter, - quotes TASS data from Thomson Reuters Kortes.

At the same time, in the Far Eastern Federal District, gasoline of this brand fell in price by three kopecks, to 48.19 rubles per liter. Average exchange prices for AI-92 gasoline amounted to 48.818 thousand rubles per ton, which is 1.288 thousand rubles lower than a week earlier. Average wholesale prices decreased by 1,134 thousand rubles, to 49,173 thousand rubles per ton.

Gasoline AI-95 rose most of all in the Southern Federal District - by four kopecks, to 49.11 rubles per liter, and in the Far Eastern District, its cost decreased by 11 kopecks, to 50.34 rubles. Average exchange prices for Ai-95 amounted to 49.490 thousand rubles per ton, which is 1.168 thousand rubles lower than a week earlier. Average wholesale prices decreased by 1,173 thousand rubles - to 49,773 thousand rubles. The cost of jet fuel at the airports of the Russian Federation for the reporting period did not change and remained at the level of 47.223 thousand rubles per ton.

As wrote, sharp fluctuations in gasoline prices at filling stations in 2020 are not expected, since the market situation is stable. This was stated by Pavel Sorokin, Deputy Head of the Russian Energy Ministry. The deputy minister explained that the necessary tax and regulatory instruments have been created to prevent price surges. In particular, a damper that smooths out the impact of price changes on world markets. The official described the dynamics of fuel production and wholesale prices as satisfactory. According to him, demand has recovered at an acceptable level, stocks are accumulating for the fall, and retail prices remain stable.

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