May 2, 2021
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Agutin told why he does not sleep together with Varum

When the couple was torn to sleep in the same bed, disagreements arose due to different preferences. The problem was solved by buying a newly-made apartment and dividing the bedrooms.

Agutin told why he does not sleep together with Varum

Leonid Agutin spoke about the difficulties of sleeping together with his grandmother Angelica Varum in an interview with Irina Shikhman. He explained that the spouses have not slept in the same bed for a very long time, there are countless reasons, but they all boil down to one – this is awkward.

So much so, Agutin says that he loves to sleep in a cool, impenetrable room, but the frost interferes with his wife’s sleep. In addition, when they took a new apartment and got the cat Sniff, there was simply no room for Agutin in the bed: Sniff fell in love with Varum very much and began to sleep at her feet, and Agutin cannot sleep with animals.

As a result, the couple decided to separate the bedrooms. The artist noted that now they scold the smallest, and everyone has an individual space where you can go about your business before going to bed without disturbing your partner.

Agutin is sure that the continuous presence together “kills the family in general.”

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