Oct 24, 2021
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Agniya Kuznetsova told how her life changed after the birth of a child


Actress Agniya Kuznetsova shared the joys of her motherhood.

The 36-year-old artist shared a photo with her son. The actress does not hide that she loves Andron and practically does not deny him anything.

My New Year’s gift. In the morning, only pleasant memories. The happiest event in my life is you – Andron. I’m not a crazy mom. She did not become softer with the birth of her son, did not become home. But now I know for sure – there is no death“, – the artist wrote in her personal blog.

It’s no secret that the star could not get pregnant for a long time. Agnia even considered adopting a baby. “In my opinion, the family should be large. I understand, I am already over thirty and I am unlikely to give birth to three or four children. And since I am against artificial manipulation, I am thinking about taking the child from the orphanage. I admire couples who adopt babies in difficult situations and raise them as their own. For me all children are the same, everyone needs love“, – the actress shared.

Agniya Kuznetsova with her son
Agniya Kuznetsova with her son

In 2015, Kuznetsova married dancer and choreographer Maxim Petrov. As the actress noted, their marriage was much stronger after the birth of their son.

You can’t avoid routine and everyday life! This is and will always be, and with the advent of children it grows like a snowball. The most important thing is to learn to endure, not to blame the problems on the other half, but to try to solve them yourself. The first to go to wash the dishes, without asking, is the very substitute for the husband in caring for the child, so that he can sleep. The first to take on the hardships of your life together, and if the other half does the same, then you will take care of each other proactively – and you will have a complete thrill! ” – Agnia confessed in an interview.

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