Sep 7, 2021
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Agent Chichvarkin’s revelations: Navalny will definitely return Crimea to Ukraine

In the photo: Evgeny Chichvarkin

In the photo: Evgeny Chichvarkin (Photo: ZumaTASS)

Former co-owner of Euroset, ex-chairman of the Moscow branch of the Gaidar-Chubais Union of Right Forces and current London restaurateur Evgeny Chichvarkin put a big pig on the leader of the Party of the Future Alexey Navalny… A prisoner of the Pokrovsky penal colony for 7 years successfully avoided a direct answer to the question about the ownership of Crimea. He swore that the peninsula was annexed with “Flagrant violations of international norms”, but it will remain Russian. He offered to hold a new “absolutely honest” referendum there. However, Chichvarkin explained that all this is empty chatter.

“Navalny will agree to return Crimea for the sake of normalizing Russian-Ukrainian relations. Navalny is very law-abiding, and world law, the laws of Europe are what Alexei respects. Even though this action may be extremely unpopular and “destroy” a huge number of his followers and supporters, I think that in the end he will be forced to accept the position of the law and follow international rules. “

The hint is clear: even if a young and handsome president does not want to give up Crimea, Europe and the United States will force him. Of course, with the help of characters like Eugene himself. But what about the opinion of the overwhelming majority of Russians, including Crimeans? They are supposed to be deprived of the right to vote altogether, as unworthy stupid brutes.

“That society that exists with all this monstrous mixture of slavery, socialism and piety in its head. In front of you in 80% of cases, I do not like the words patients, but people who need mental or psychological rehabilitation. They are traumatized by hundreds of years of violence, successive regimes based on violence. Sometimes on blind violence, sometimes on extremely senseless cruelty. People in this state, let’s be honest, are incapacitated. They cannot vote because they misjudge themselves in this world, misjudge this world and are unable to make the right decisions. Yesterday I was really thinking, seeing how people react to the arrest of Navalny, yesterday I thought hard and deeply about the right to vote … We do not allow schizophrenics, alcoholics or drug addicts to vote or drive. We do not allow jellyfish or dogs to vote. Why can creatures that think worse than dogs can vote? “

But Chichvarkin and like-minded people are very smart. After all, they supported anyone for the sake of benefit. For example, a bunch of presidential candidates – prime minister Dmitry Medvedev and his future prime minister – president Vladimir Putin in the 2008 elections.

“I sold my homeland in that short period when I participated in the campaign program. When I was recording videos with Putin. At that moment, unfortunately, I sold my homeland for a while, because I really wanted to save my money. “

If they were selling the Motherland for the sake of Putin, then foreign partners will be siphoned off the extra pieces with all the pleasure. They don’t hide it. Professor at the Higher School of Economics Sergei Medvedev demanded to take away the Arctic from Russia, and so that she would not resist, at the same time to withdraw nuclear weapons. Editor of the New Times magazine Evgeniya Albats sees no problem if Siberia and the Far East go to China. Deputy of the State Duma from the predecessor of the Union of Right Forces – “Russia’s Choice” Lev Ponomarev begged an employee of the Japanese embassy for money to support Tokyo’s demand for the transfer of the South Kuriles.

Since 80% of Russians are declared animals below dogs, their protests will not be taken into account. The most dissatisfied with the Japanese flag over the Kuril Islands or the UN banner over the Arctic can be imprisoned for inciting hatred towards our respected neighbors. It is not for nothing that Ponomarev advocates preserving Article 282 in the Criminal Code.

Do you think I’m kidding? In no way! Because I’m the most prominent Petersburg liberals, and among them is the chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR and the city Union of Journalists Anatoly Ezhelev, snitched to the prosecutor’s office on the same 282nd. For a harmless note about a marching synagogue on the Svir River, where the Finnish soldiers of the Jewish faith who fought against the Red Army were cared for. Klyauza was preceded by an indictment of the Grand Jury of the Union of Journalists of Russia, headed by a retired press minister Mikhail Fedotov… Fortunately, the year was already 2001, and the informers did not control the prosecutor’s office.

If their heirs turn around, there will be little to control. Crimea – to Ukraine, Siberia and the Far East – to China, the Arctic – to the entire world community. Further, you look, and there will be those who wish to visit the Caucasus and St. Petersburg … Read the fantastic novel “After Russia”, an ardent supporter of Navalny, a political scientist Fyodora Krasheninnikov… The author already experiences an orgasm when he describes that the wild country has finally been eliminated, and over the monument Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow, Polish peacekeepers scoff.

Well, the Russians, as a consolation, will remain the processions adored by the London inmate under the rainbow flag.

“For me, the most revealing thing that the Russian government is doing is to ban the promotion of homosexuality. If the country’s leadership took part in the gay pride parades … I myself was teaching … I was present twice at the gay pride parade. As soon as our country becomes open and free, I will return to Russia. When will there be a normal gay parade in it! “

Against the background of such revelations, the current regime sometimes seems even attractive. Maybe that’s how it was conceived? Business in London is collapsing, things are not going well, even their favorite restaurant had to be laid … So why not work for the Kremlin again, deliberately discrediting the bright liberal idea?

The trouble is that there is nothing and no one to discredit. After all, other liberal leaders Chichvarkin and Medvedev, and Albats and Ponomarev either support or shyly keep silent. And since all of them cannot be Putin’s secret agents, it turns out that their ideas are incompatible with the existence of Russia.

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