Jan 31, 2021
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Agenda rules

Agenda rules

Photo: Taisiya Vorontsova / TASS

The point is not in the unification of specific parties, but in the unity of the agenda that the new political unit should set. Why is the liberal trend prevailing in the media and social networks, and in the minds of young people the political spectrum is represented by two directions – are you either a free-thinking citizen, aimed at European democratic values, or – a terry scoop and a Colorado jacket? Was it Western hirelings who used Soros’s money to drive liberal-bourgeois values ​​into Russian schoolchildren?

No, of course, the hirers have been and have worked in the Russian media field for a long time and quite actively. But conventional Western propaganda had no alternative. And all the state propaganda for a couple of decades was reduced to the show of Andrei Malakhov.

At the same time, all the key posts in the media and cultural sphere were occupied by liberals. There was no real alternative.

Moreover, liberals and those who came to power on the wave of anti-Soviet propaganda retained key posts in various ministries and state-owned enterprises for a long time. Therefore, the main Russian state channels connived at liberal propaganda, not to mention the continuous “Svanidze” from the first and second buttons of the domestic TV.

And so for 30 years. And it is this kind of being that has determined the consciousness of Russians for 30 years.

And only now, in fact, after 2014, both state propaganda and the media finally groped for some semblance of a national idea and began to turn away from the ideology of the collective West, before which Russia had been trying to curry favor for a long time.

Why did this happen? Yes, because the people reacted very sensitively to the annexation of Crimea, the position of the Russian authorities on the Donbass and actions in Syria. This imperial expansion was well received by the Russian people. And our government out of a sense of self-preservation supported the mood of the people.

In general, she is very sensitive to the people, this is our government. Therefore, when the people suddenly realized that Russian liberal-bourgeois democracy was not something for the sake of which it was necessary to break the Soviet system, but in this very system there was, among other things, not only censorship and some pioneer falsehood, but also free universal medicine, available very high-quality education, mass culture that is not ashamed, not to mention science, defense industry, space flights and much more, people began to turn left.

The people, not the state. But this is not enough.

The government will not suddenly change, it will not itself again revive agriculture, industry, education and science until it is told and convinced that if you, the government, do not change now, we will sweep you away.

But no legal political force in modern Russia will be able to impose its agenda on the state until it “sells” this agenda in an amicable way to that very deep people who are long-suffering, selective and demanding of what they are offered.

Therefore, left-wing parties should now be stronger and heavier. And skepticism in the media about the unification of “SR” and the party FOR TRUTH – it comes from the fact that in those very media for many years there was only one discourse – the liberal one. There was no left, socialist, popular agenda in the media, which is why such unions are accepted with difficulty. This is a clash of ideas, bases. Therefore, the media criticism of the project Zakhara Prilepina need to be perceived only from this point of view.

Why do we say that the unification of parties is precisely the project of Zakhar Prilepin? Because the other two parties – “SR” and “Patriots of Russia” have never been particularly leftist. And “SR”, which took off to the political Olympus on a protest wave ten years ago, did not particularly care for socialism.

And here Zakhar Prilepin can rightfully become the main ideologist of the new political force. Actually, the main leftist ideologist in Russia is Zakhar Prilepin.

Not only because of the ability to decompose any socio-political basis into components and explain why the leftist idea is so important for Russia now, but also because of its media weight. It is difficult to find a more popular, well-known and popular figure on the left flank.

Therefore, the task of the new political force is to methodically, calmly and patiently introduce leftist ideas into the media, cultural and political spheres. And when all of a sudden the people understand what exactly they need now, this is what they want, they will immediately change, the power itself will be renewed.

We will come to this.

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