Nov 12, 2021
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Agatha Muceniece will not date a man who earns less than she


Actress Agata Muceniece spoke about the requirements for a man.

After the divorce from Pavel Priluchny, the artist has not yet managed to build a new relationship. Although, as the actress previously admitted, there were attempts. The 32-year-old star dreams of meeting a new love.

In Ida Galich’s YouTube show “There are questions,” she admitted that she could not date a person who earns less than her.

    Agata Mutsenietse
Agata Mutsenietse

I think it would be hard. Although now such men have gone, that it would not be hard for them, on the contrary, it’s cool – “packed girl”. I would always be uncomfortable for my man that he earns less. It would float me. I don’t mind spending money on it, but it would float me“, – said Muceniece.

We add, earlier it became known that Agata Muceniece earns 100 thousand rubles for one shooting day in the cinema. Advertising on the actress’s Instagram is several times more expensive.

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