Dec 30, 2020
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Agatha Muceniece spoke frankly about her husband’s betrayal

Agatha Muceniece spoke frankly about her husband's betrayal

The 31-year-old actress Agata Mutseniece admitted that she is not so much uncomfortable with betrayal as the very fact of deception.

The artist does not like to go into the details of the conflict with her ex-husband. However, in a recent interview, she said that she does not tolerate adultery, hinting at the betrayal of Priluchny, who is now enjoying an affair with the star of Daddy’s Daughters.

Initially, you do not need to cheat, and there will be no problems, the star is sure. – It’s just that now husbands have become so shamelessly cheating on their wives. For nine years I have never changed. And even after the divorce, I had this: “No, no, I will not go there.” I don’t understand why then all the vows are on the altar, if you understand a priori that this will not happen. For me, this is the most offensive. You would have told me, I would have let go with God. And the fact of deception annoys me … Better to be honest. If a person came and said: “You know, I cannot with one woman, I want a lot,” we would somehow resolve it. They would come up with some kind of joint solution, or immediately disperse. So that there is no deception when they tell you: “We are faithful to each other“- but in fact they walk to the left.”

Agata Muceniece with her ex-husband
Agata Muceniece with her ex-husband

Muceniece noted that, despite the sad experience with Pavel Priluchny, she still hopes to find the other half. However, now the artist will be careful in amorous affairs. “I’m waiting for love. I have not lost faith in her – that’s for sure. I do not know what it is. By the time I was 30, I came to the conclusion that I don’t know what love is. Due to the fact that I had such a disappointment in my life, I don’t understand now. It seemed to me that this love … was“, – the star sighed.

Nevertheless, after the divorce, the artist looks at marriage without the same enthusiasm, although she cannot complain about the lack of male attention. “I am confused by questions about my future personal life … You do not need to live only with thoughts about whether you will meet someone or not. I have never lived like this. If I find love – super, if not – also super. I have no goal in itself to get married again, to prove something to everyone. I don’t even want to get married, to be honest, and I won’t go. But they already called out on a date, yeah“, – she confessed in the YouTube show” Discover, David “.

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