Sep 15, 2020
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Agatha Muceniece spoke about the new mistress of her ex-husband

Agata Muceniece spoke about the new mistress of her ex-husband

Actress Agata Muceniece is still going through a divorce from Pavel Priluchny.

The artist admitted that she could not stop thinking about the lost happiness with Pavel Priluchny. Six months have passed since the breakup, but the actress cannot accept the idea that her marriage is over.

The day before, a new release of the show "Honest Divorce" was released, in which Mutseniece discussed with Raisa Ryazanova her break with her husband. The People's Artist is well acquainted with the former spouses, since they toured together with the entreprise play "Reluctant Adventurers". According to Ryazanova, the couple had a chance to save the marriage.
Now, according to Raisa Ivanovna, the happiness of the children of the ex-spouses will depend on how the relations between the parents of Timofey and Mia with new partners will develop.

Agata Mutsenietse
Agata Mutsenietse

Ryazanova did not want to mention in the show the name of Miroslava Karpovich, who took the place of Muceniece in the life of the country's main "major". She named the Daddy's Daughters star, rumored to be responsible for the couple's divorce, "newly acquired." Agatha added on her own behalf how she felt about Karpovich.

She described her husband's mistress in three words, calling her "female."
Earlier it became known that Priluchny moved to live with Karpovich, and the country house where he lived with Muceniece was put up for sale. In addition, the couple recently started a common pet. The actor showed the cute puppy and asked the fans to help with choosing a nickname for the new tenant in the house.

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