Sep 6, 2020
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Agatha Muceniece on marriage with Pavel Priluchny: “Made me squeezed and insecure”

Agata Mutseniece spoke frankly about her marriage to Pavel Priluchny. The stars lived together for nine years, but during the pandemic they decided to divorce.

Agatha Muceniece on marriage with Pavel Priluchny:

Muceniece admitted that for a long time she could not and did not want to talk about parting with her husband. Thanks to her favorite work, she managed to pull herself together and overcome the feelings that haunted her. The changes that have taken place in the life of the actress helped to create the project "Honest Divorce", which received good responses.

“I don’t want to talk badly about Pasha, it’s just that 2020 tore the crowns from all people. It's good that I learned about deception now, and not at 70. To be honest, this marriage made me stiff and insecure. I was worried all the time about my appearance, because my husband might not like the way men looked at me. Now there is no fear in my life, ”said Muceniece.

After the divorce, Priluchny remained in a country house. His ex-wife and children moved to an apartment in Moscow. Former lovers agreed to keep a warm relationship for the sake of the children. For example, on September 1, the two of them accompanied their son Timofey to the first grade, reports "StarHit".

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