Jun 30, 2020
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Agatha Muceniece and Catherine Barnabas talked about parting with lovers and domestic violence

Agatha Muceniece and Catherine Barnabas talked about parting with lovers and domestic violence

Agatha Muceniece and Catherine Barnabas

The new guest of the show Agatha Muceniece "Honest Divorce" was the actress and participant of Comedy Woman, 35-year-old Ekaterina Barnava. The stars discussed men, Agatha's divorce from Pavel Priluchny, sincere love and first quarrels with lovers.

Catherine Barnabas

I lived in a civil marriage for six years (hello, Konstantin). It is not easy to get out of this emotionally, because during this time you become attached to each other. But we parted and did not offend each other. We have no such problem as children. Children are the greatest happiness in life. But it happens when adults disperse, children suffer the most. Because involuntarily, mom and dad are manipulating this situation. We broke up a year ago and also didn’t tell anyone about it,

- said Catherine.

Agatha Muceniece and Catherine Barnabas

The actress admitted that she and the choreographer Konstantin Myakinkov had been hiding their discord in relations for so long, because it was important for her to keep her personal life a secret until a certain point.

After parting, I began to appreciate the "relaxed" and adequate perception of myself. In no case can I strain, I can’t get into my soul,

- admitted Barnabas.

Catherine Barnabas

Agatha Muceniece noted that for her, divorce is simply the end of the path, not a sad story.

It’s hard for me mentally. We went for a long time to this, a year in the relationship there were problems: we swore and put up. He is very jealous, pathological jealous,

- said Agatha.

Agatha Muceniece

Barnabas told how she still decided to part with her lover.

At five in the morning in the kitchen, we agreed that until a certain point we would not voice it. We had no quarrels. I went to this conversation for a month or more. I didn’t believe that you could love anyone at all. I am cynical in this regard. So I trained myself. I have no feelings, I'm not a gentle person. He was special in my life. And it was hard for me to say, "I'm sorry, I love you a little differently." And I think that he already loved me differently. We are like brother and sister, relatives in the same territory. He did not immediately accept it, but without negativity,

- admitted Catherine.

Catherine Barnabas with a former loverCatherine Barnabas with a former lover

Catherine and Konstantin did not inform anyone of the separation, went to social events together, did not unsubscribe from each other on Instagram, even close friends did not know that the couple had broken up.

When a year passed, and I realized that I was a young woman, but nothing had changed in my life, I had no one, no one. She felt remorse when someone was courting me. This is an unhealthy story, there was a psychological barrier,

- said Barnabas.

Now Barnabas has a “gentleman” named Vladimir, but the actress did not disclose the details of their relationship.We had a fight for the first time today. Not because of a pandemic. It's just hard for two creative units. When it comes to something incomprehensible to me, when I didn’t feel or didn’t understand it in time, I start to feel uncomfortable, it starts throwing me in different directions. But I don’t like being that way. Until the day of silence. But I’m not sure that this is necessary, when relations are just emerging, you need to be able to negotiate, - shared a celebrity.

Agatha also said that she and her ex-spouse have many common friends, but they don’t “share” loved ones.

Agata Mutsenietse

Pasha now lives with our mutual friend Andrei. We communicate with him. His childhood friend Maxim also writes to me, friends worry that Pasha is a fool, and try to reconcile us. Pasha did not try to return me. He behaved badly, so a man should not behave towards the mother of his children, he insulted so much that I do not even know such words. We have gone so far that after all that we have said to each other, it’s hard to imagine that we will converge,

- said Muceniece.

Agata Mutsenietse

Agatha and Catherine also touched on the topic of domestic violence. Barnabas admitted that there was assault in her family, so she urged women not to be silent.

Now there is the opportunity to talk, shout about it - record video, write posts, write to direct artists who can voice this problem. You can save yourself and other lives. You will most likely be scolded, but you must not be silent,

- summed up Catherine.

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