Aug 19, 2022
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Agata Muceniece showed a gorgeous figure in a spicy photo


Actress Agata Muceniece shared a photo in a bikini, posing in a seductive pose.

Agata Muceniece is often frank with her fans. The actress is not afraid to appear before the fans without makeup and hair. In stretched trousers. And now the star of the film “Tobol” excited users with a too candid picture.

The ex-wife of Pavel Priluchny starred in a tiny bikini, taking a spicy pose. It turned out that such a photo is just a way to attract the attention of new subscribers. Agatha herself spoke about this on her personal blog.

Agata Mutsenietse
Agata Mutsenietse

Hot photo to attract subscribers! Forgive those who did not want such photos. Well, be patient a little, now the subscribers will be added, and I won’t. Just don’t unsubscribe because of this photo, please“, – said Muceniece.

By the way, both the comment, written with a certain amount of sarcasm, and the picture itself were taken in order to put one of the users in their place. The girl condemned Agatha for being too frank, advising her to behave and dress more modestly. The star failed to remain silent, deciding to anger the haters even more.

In fact, the picture caused not condemnation, but delight. Under the photo, users left a lot of compliments. “And she’s a mother of two! Delight!”, “What a peach!”, “Agatha, you are beautiful!”, “How can you be so appetizing?!”, “What a figure!“- wrote the fans.

True, despite the impeccable external data and cheerful disposition, Agatha is still free – unlike her ex-husband, whose personal life after a divorce is in full swing. But the star is in no hurry. She believes that a new marriage is a much more responsible matter, because now she is not alone, but with children, who should also be comfortable with the arrival of a man in the family.

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