Sep 23, 2022
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Agata Muceniece provokes the new wife of Pavel Priluchny


Miro believes that the actress and presenter Agata Muceniece cannot forget her ex-husband.

The other day, the artist gave a great interview to Yulia Menshova, in which she first voiced her opinion about the wedding of her ex-husband Pavel Priluchny. In the spring, the actor married Zepyur Brutyan, which was a surprise both for the public and for his close friends.

Muceniece said that she learned about the ex-spouse’s new novel from the children whom Priluchny almost immediately introduced to Brutyan. According to the actress, she calmly reacted to the fact that Pavel began a new chapter in life. “Hope this family is really happy“, – she said.

At the same time, the star of the series “Closed School” was dissatisfied with the fact that Priluchny did not tell his son and daughter about the wedding and did not invite them to the celebration organized at the end of August. Agatha noticed that Mia and Timothy could take part in the ceremony. By the way, she herself would also like to appear at the celebration in order to catch the bride’s bouquet.

Agata Muceniece - photo from the archive -
Agata Muceniece – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Blogger Lena Miro is sure that the actress is discussing the wedding of her ex-husband in order to provoke his new wife into a reaction. Allegedly, Muceniece, although he says that he wants the newlyweds to be happy, actually wants to destroy this marriage.

Zippy, don’t be nervous. Agatha deliberately provokes you, counting on a reaction, on the fact that you will start arguing with your husband because of her antics”, Supports Miro Priluchny’s new wife, quotes.

Recall that earlier psychologist Marina Gladysheva expressed her expert opinion about the sensational video from Priluchny’s wedding. She said that the gesture of the actor who grabbed Brutyan by the neck cannot be called aggressive. It seems to her that Pavel’s family life will develop well if his new wife is accommodating and does not try to dominate the relationship.

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