Dec 30, 2020
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Agata Muceniece moved from the car to the subway

To use the collective transport, the actress pulled out traffic jams.

Agata Muceniece moved from the car to the subway

On New Year’s Eve, Moscow drivers faced problems – there were more traffic jams on the roads. Show business stars also suffer from this phenomenon.

Agatha Muceniece, who got used to driving an individual Porsche Cayenne, could not stand the idle traffic jams and moved from the car to the subway. However, the actress was not there so long ago that in just one trip she managed to get lost twice.

“The absolute feeling that the subway has simply been forgotten and erased in my bowler hat. I’ve lost my way twice already. I’m still trying to get out to Teatralnaya, ”Mutseniece admitted in Stories.

In the coffin, Agatha found the unchanging path and left where she needed. At the same time, the actress noted that there is an atmosphere of romance in the metro.

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