Sep 11, 2022
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Agata Muceniece decided to tell the children about the divorce


Actress Agatha Muceniece spoke about a difficult conversation with children.

The artist and Pavel Priluchny are raising their son Timothy and daughter Mia. The actress admitted that after that she did not lie to the children about the separation of mom and dad, but directly announced the divorce.

33-year-old Agatha recalls that her own mother once gave her an example of frankness with children.

Many people ask how to talk about the death of a dad if the children are four and three years old. My mother didn’t come up with anything and said: “Daddy died.” We went to the funeral, saw him in a coffin … Therefore, I also decided not to invent any fairy tales and honestly told the children that my dad and I can no longer live together, because we swear all the time. And it will be much better for everyone if they live separately. Dad will be 500 times happier, and so will I. And you will have more gifts. They came to dad – he will load you with toys, they came to me – I will charge you. And in general, you will have a holiday, you will ride back and forth. It will be beneficial for everyone”, — shared the actress.

    Agata Muceniece - photo from the archive -
Agata Muceniece – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Muceniece notes: the move turned out to be correct. Timothy and Mia, who are now nine and six years old respectively, eventually made the decision of their parents.

Everyone has become happier, and children do not live in an illusion. It seems to me that it is right to be honest with children, not to try to protect them. All the same, they will burn themselves in their lives. Well, yes, they were upset. Miika was especially sad at first. But nothing … Time goes by and heals everyone. She understood everything. Everything is great now“, – said the ex-wife of Priluchny in the YouTube show “Together”.

Recall that the actors lived together for nine years. Soon after the breakup, Pavel, according to rumors, had an affair with Miroslava Karpovich. The stars did not comment on the relationship, but on the day of the 35th anniversary, the blonde hinted at a romantic gift from the former Agatha. “The best wizard“, she wrote, deliberately making a mistake in the word.

Despite the beautiful courtship, Priluchny made an offer to another artist. Now he is happy in an alliance with 26-year-old Zepyur Brutyan, a partner in the TV series “In a Cage”.

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