Apr 27, 2021
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Agata Muceniece decided to freeze eggs “just in case”

Former grandmother of Pavel Priluchny, Agatha Muceniece, admitted that she decided to freeze the eggs “just in case” if, after 45 years, she wants to give birth to another child.

Agata Muceniece decided to freeze eggs

In modern times, the approach to motherhood has become more conscious. Show business stars are increasingly using egg freezing to postpone the birth of babies until the right time.

So much so, the singer Anna Semenovich admitted that she had fettered the eggs and intends to repeat the procedure. Alla Pugacheva froze her eggs at the beginning of the 2000s, 11 years before the birth of the twins.

In the newly minted issue of the MamBook YouTube show, actress Agata Muceniece, together with her guests, discussed surrogacy and IVF. During the conversation, the ex-wife of Pavel Priluchny admitted that she had decided to freeze the eggs. At the moment, Agatha is raising two children, but she does not exclude that in the future she may want to give birth to another child.

“I really like this idea and it is interesting for me to freeze the eggs while I am still in a normal year. Just to be on the safe side, they will suddenly come in handy, ”Mutseniece explained.

Gynecologist-reproductive specialist Anastasia Smirnova emphasized that current technologies in medicine make it possible to become a mother in any year.

Agatha noted that she does not know for sure whether she will use the chained eggs, but she prefers to have a backup plan.

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